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Good house painters near you

There are house painters closer to you than you think. Local house painters often work out of a home office.  Unlike the larger contractor businesses, local house painters are known sometimes only through word of mouth.  Family companies and smaller crew paint companies are looking to earn your business.  Hiring a local painting contractor does not need to be difficult, do a little research, ask neighbors and friends, and then check to see which one will give you a free estimate.

There are a few signs that you have a untrustworthy contractor on your hands, things like:

They won’t or can’t provide references

They offer discounts right away and then jack up the price, claiming that the homeowner will benefit no matter what.

If they are unwilling to provide a free estimate of your home.

If a contractor doesn’t show up for appointments when they are supposed to.

The above list are just a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the best paint job at the best price.  Taking cautions early on in the process are a good way to insure you get a quality paint job.  Above all good manners and respect should be showed all around.

Let us help you find the right contractor for the job!  Simply click here to have up to 3 of our premier member painting contractors provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote!

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