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3 tips for Painting for Success

No matter where you live, whether it be a house or an apartment or other type of residence, all of us sometime forget to maintain our homes due to busy schedules, illness, as well as other situations that can distract us from keeping up with or maintaining both the physical and cosmetic condition of our living spaces. The paint on our walls and home exterior is no exception to this scenario and can certainly be forgotten for years which leads to dirty and unattractive surfaces. While we may not notice it because we look at the paint on a daily basis, others might notice and it may give an impression that you did not intend to put out into the public. Here are some tips on what to do when you find yourself in a situation where painting your walls and house exterior is imminent.

-Take mental note of just how bad the paint is. Look over all the walls and moldings in your home and if you own a house or other type of building that has painted exteriors, go outside to take stock in house the exterior paint is doing. If parts are not all that bad, you could possibly save time and money by not painting everything for example. Also, doing this allows you to estimate how much surface needs to be covered and by taking measurements this could help you estimate what the cost would be to paint.

-Take a look at your current color scheme. What does the color scheme say about you and about the space in your home? Sometimes the colors of our paint reflect our tastes which is fine and other times they reflect either the furnishings in your home or current styles, or maybe even both. If you are the type that likes to keep on top of current styles, then you will have to decide whether the current color scheme needs to be changed. Consult some decorating books and websites for tips.

-Think about how big the job will be. Many of us can handle it on our own but for one reason or another if you feel you cannot do the work on your own, consider hiring a family member or friend who can help. If you want an especially professional edge added to your job, consider hiring a professional painter. The likelihood that a good and experienced painter who can do the right job for you is located within reach is highly likely. Check the phone books or do a search on the net to see who you can hire.

Quite obviously there are many things to think about when painting your home. It may seem like a daunting task but taking a step back and following the above steps are sure to make the painting job much easier. After all, you and your home deserve a well planned paint job so that not only you feel better about it but that it looks socially acceptable and fresh.

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