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Estimating Exterior Painting Cost

Do you own a house? Many houses in the country have exteriors that are sided in wood or another surface covered with paint. You probably know that over the years and exterior paint job can wear out, fall victim to harsh weather and chip, peel, or even fade in the sun. If that is the case, short of choosing a different siding option such as vinyl siding, you may as well possibly want to just have the exterior painted again because it would keep in the character of your home and perhaps you just prefer paint to other types of low maintenance surfaces. Even the smallest house can be a big job to paint when dealing with the exterior surfaces. Because many of us simply do not have the time nor physical capability to do such a big painting job, we sometimes have to hire professional painters to help us with the job or do it completely themselves. If you are going to hire a professional painter then below are some tips for estimating exterior painting costs.

First things first, when it comes to painting the exterior of your house, you will have to first take note of the condition that the exterior paint job is in. If the paint is peeling or chipping then more work will be involved to prep the surface for new paint. Painting over a faltering paint layer that chips and peels will prematurely age and falter the new paint job so you will have to invest more in prepping the exterior if that is the case. If the paint is merely faded or dirty, it will not take much work to lightly clean it and simply go over the surface with new paint. Try measuring the surface area and this will give you and your professional painter a better idea of how much paint is needed and how much time it will take to do the job.

Another thing to consider is color. While some people choose to just go with the same color as their house has previously been painted with, you will have to decide if new colors will please you more and be more in style if that is what concerns you. You may be able to choose new colors on your own but if not, see if your painter can do this. If neither of you can, consider hiring a decorator or artist to help you come up with a good color scheme to use for your home's exterior.

As you can see, there are many aspects and steps to getting an exterior house paint job done correctly. It goes from seeing what the condition of the old paint is in in the first place, then how much area there is to cover as well as other considerations like color. If you choose to have a professional do the work for you, you can most likely rest assured that he or she will take all of these into considerations and complete a job that will last long and look great.

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