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Get a Cheap Exterior Paint Estimate

For many people, keeping up with house maintenance can be a pain. Owning or living in a house brings about many issues such as keeping up with structural quality, good aesthetics and otherwise functional living within a structure. One type of maintenance that can be especially tedious to handle is exterior house painting because it requires ample preparation, a good amount of time to neatly and carefully apply the paint as well as keeping physically safe while painting at heights for example. The fact of the matter is that for a menagerie of reasons the majority of us are simply unable to do work like this on our own because of time constraints, physical inabilities and other things that prevent us from doing the manual labor associated with living in a house. For this reason many choose to hire a professional painter and below are some tips for getting an inexpensive exterior paint estimate.

-One of the best things to do first is observe and note several different things about your home and its exterior paint. How old is the current paint, what type of surface is it on like wood, how bad the paint is like fading, chipping or peeling, if the color needs to be changed, how much surface area needs to be covered among many things. Keeping good notes on these things will help your chosen painter to give you a better estimated quote for a price if he or she has a more intimate idea of what work needs to be done, what supplies to use and how long the job might take.

-If money is a concern for you then consider hiring a painter who works on the side, by him or herself. In other words if people moon light as a painter then they probably do not charge as much as professionals who own businesses and have a team of workers completing tasks under their supervision. Any painter who is a middleman in the business is naturally going to charge more because they have people to pay. Also, with a single painter, he or she may be able to give you a better price if you let them decide when to complete the job such as on nights and weekends when they can spend more time on it. Communicating well with your painter and deciding what makes them more comfortable might allow them to lower the price for you if they are being very well accommodated by you.

So as you can see, getting a fairly cheap exterior paint estimate is not impossible. Aside from the tips mentioned above it may also help if you know or are already friends with a painter who will do a quality job both for a friend and for someone they know and trust will be consistent and thorough with pay. Good communication helps as it leaves no surprises that they can possibly charge you more for if they were not initially prepared. Try some of the above tips and see if you can get a very competitive rate from your painter.

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