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Exterior Paint Estimates, What to Expect

When it comes time to get your house painted there are, as you know, many different things to consider. There is ample preparation involved in prepping your house for being painted whether it be removing old peeling paint or cleaning the paint as well as moving things away from the job site that should not get paint on them. Aside from the preparation comes all the physical labor involved in painting which can even be risk when painting at heights on your home exterior. Not even considering the labor involved in preparing for the job and getting up on a ladder to do it, many of us simply do not have the time or physical aptitude to dedicate to painting a whole house exterior and for this reason alone many hire professionals to do the work for them. One important aspect of hiring a painter is getting a quote of how much it will cost and below are some things to consider on  getting exterior paint estimates. Below are some ideas of what to expect when getting exterior paint estimates.

Getting your estimate for a paint job will depend on several different factors. First off criteria like the condition of your current paint job will affect how long it takes to prepare for and complete the job and this means more time and money spent on supplies for the painter. Other things like special kinds of paints to be used, a wide variation in color that might be hard to find or mix as well as special supplies needed for the job. If you have a tall building then scaffolding and other equipment for painters to stand on and paint at heights will obviously cost you a bit more and the estimate will reflect this.

Other parts of a painter's estimate will invariably be caused by things on his or her end. It may depend on their availability and if you need the job done by a certain time frame they may have to push other customers aside and charge you more for giving you higher priority which is understandable. It also may depend on their level of expertise. If they are the best known in the area for example it may mean that their work is superior and costs a bit more than that of competitors.

So as you can see the items that affect an estimate can stem from both parties in the agreement. Communicate well with your chosen painter and see if there are any discounts he or she can give you. If cutting costs is a must for you, discuss it with your painter and see if there is a mutual agreement you both can arrive at and put it into writing. If cutting costs is even more serious than that, see if you or a close family member can do part of the preparation work for little or no cost and this will allow the painter to quote you less if there will be less work involved for him or her.

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