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What is a house painter exactly? Well a house painter is someone who is put in charge of painting your house. They can paint inside your house if you want, or outside if that’s what you want. A house painter is someone who has had experience with painting before. The know ways of speeding up the job without sacrificing quality. They know which way to move the brush in order to output the most work. A house painter is normally hired to paint a room, or in some cases a number of rooms for a price. A house painter may be inexperienced or experienced. This mostly depends on how you hired them. If they are just the neighborhood kids, then they are inexperienced and will probably screw up. However if you hired them from a company then they are probably experienced and know what they are doing. In this article I will talk about why it’s better to hire a company painter rather than some kid.

A Company Painter has had experience. They know what they are doing. They know what works and what doesn’t. They also work to get you the best results, and they know how. They don’t do a half ass job either. In fact they come prepared with their own equipment. That means their own brushes, mats and towels. They know how to lay the mats and towels so that they cover every inch of the room. This makes sure that no paint will stain you floor. The same can be said about you furniture. The painter knows how to move them out of his way so he can paint. And he knows how to cover them completely so that no paint shall touch them either. A Company Painter also comes with his own ladder and insurance. This is a big relief when it comes time for the painter to paint the walls. The walls can be a dangerous place and one wrong move could spell disaster.

Hiring your neighborhood kid to paint you house is a bad idea. Sure they’d be cheaper than a company painter, but that’s not true. You need to supply them with the brushes and ladder. You need to supply them with the mats and towels. Then you also have to help them move everything around. And of course you have to remind them not to get paint all over the floor or your nice new sofa. Then of course having them paint a wall is out of the question. The last thing you need is them falling and breaking something. Because you know what, that’s coming out of your pocket. With a company painter the company would pay for something like that.

In all don’t hire an inexperienced painter. They are most likely to cause you more trouble than good, and that’s the last thing you want right now. A Professional Painter will at least bring you comfort of mind in knowing that he’s doing a good job.
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