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House Painting Example

Let us say that Jane and John wish to have the exterior of their house painted over. It’s getting old and there are stains everywhere so they feel now is a good time to get it painted over. The only problem that they encounter is that they themselves will not be able to paint the walls over themselves like they did twenty years ago when they bought the house. So now Jane and John have to go out and get someone who is able to estimate the price of it. Estimating exterior painting isn’t an easy thing. In this article we will take a look at some of the things that one has to take into account when they are estimating exterior painting.

One thing that you must take into account when estimating exterior painting is how many walls there are. Depending on the number of walls your work load will increase or decrease. Let us say it’s a basic one story house with four walls. The price will be probably being lower than excepted because this is a run of the mill job. Estimating exterior painting also has to look at the number of windows in the way of the wall. Now let us also say that you have a one story house with six walls, and not only do you want your garage painted, which has four walls, you also want them to paint your shed, again four walls. Of course the price will be significantly higher than just painting a house with four walls, because this them you are almost tripling the work load.

Something else that is given high place when estimating exterior painting is how many stories the house is. Now of course a two story building with four walls will course more than a regular one story building with four walls. Now Estimating exterior painting also takes in the possibilities if one of their guys was hurt while working on the job. This allows them to judge whether the project is worth it or not.

Something else that heeds close attention when estimating exterior painting is how long it will take. This estimate doesn’t include bad weather or any other delays. The main objective of this is to tell the owners how long the project should last should they not run into any problems along the way.

Another fact that plays a role in estimating exterior painting is seeing how many men are needed for the job. If a contractor needs to put more men on the site than naturally he is going to up the price to accommodate. The more walls and the taller they are the more men that will be needed to finish on a quicker schedule.

Estimating exterior painting takes a lot of things into account when giving you the price. Let us hope that Jane and John were happy with the estimate that they got from the contractor who was estimating their exterior painting job and have decided to go with him.

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