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Exterior Paint Contractor Clarified

What is an exterior paint contractor? Well an exterior paint contractor is a contractor who focuses on painting the exterior of a site. What this site is depends on the custom. For example it may be a house, a garage, a small community store, you mom and pop store, or any other local small chain. An exterior paint contractor normally has a crew of painters that work for him. Am exterior paint contractor is normally contacted by the owner and is asked to come give an estimate of how much his service’s will cost. In this article we will look at what an exterior paint contractor looks for when he goes to a potential work site.

The first thing that an exterior paint contractor looks for when he arrives at the potential work site is how many walls compose the structure that he is looking at. The exterior paint contractor must calculate how many men it would take to work on the walls and have it completed by a certain date. The closer the finish date is to the starting date, the exterior paint contractor may need to put more men on the job then he would if say the finish date is a week or two after the starting date. Normally the owner of the potential work site tells the exterior paint contractor when he would like to have the work done by. This allows for both the exterior paint contractor and the owner to be on the same page for important dates.

Another thing that an exterior paint contractor looks at when viewing a potential work site is how many stories each wall is. The higher a wall is the more men the exterior paint contractor must place at the site. This is because not only will he need men at the work site to paint, but also men to help man the ladders. Also when working on a job site with more than a story there is always the risk of an accident occurring. Say worst case scenario a worker falls off the ladder and hurts himself. The exterior paint contractor must then look for someone else to replace his injured worker while he is out. The exterior paint contractor may also be responsible for the injured workers medical bills. This can add up after a while. The exterior paint contractor must also bear this in mind when giving the owner an estimate.

Another thing that an exterior paint contractor looks at when at a potential work site is areas for his men to put their equipment. This refers to the tools that the painters will need to complete the job. For example their ladders, truck, and tarps. The exterior paint contractor knows the value of having easy access to the material that they will need. And since the exterior paint contractor knows that time is money he allows this to factor in the overall estimate.

I hope that you found this article both informative and enjoyable. 
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