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Steps to Acquire an Exterior Paint Estimate

What is an exterior paint estimate? Well an exterior paint estimate is the estimate price that a paint job will cost for the exterior of let us say a house. Now an exterior paint estimate varies from house to house but there are a few things that contractors (the people who give the owner the estimate) look for when they give an estimate. In this article we will touch base on a few of these things that can affect how much it will cost to paint the exterior of your house.

When getting an exterior paint estimate there are a few things that the person giving the exterior paint estimate looks for. One of these things is the number of walls that make up the house. The more walls that there are the more time it will likely take to complete the project. The contractor would then have to put more men on the job to get the job finished by an early date than say he would to have to have the house completed by a later date. The contractor looks out how many walls his men are normally able to do a day and then factors in the owner’s walls to see what he can do.

Something else that contractors look at when giving an exterior paint estimate is how high the walls are. Some houses are only one story while others are two stories. The height of these walls plays a heavy factor in the contractor’s given estimate. See the higher the walls are the chance of one of the contractor’s men getting hurt. See in order to reach these higher walls the men will need ladders and if one of the men get hurt then the contractor will be facing a few problems. One of these is the fact that he is now one man less which could affect production and delay the painting. Second the contractor may have to pay for the man’s medical bills himself which can be quite costly.

Another thing that contractors look at when giving an exterior paint estimate is how much room they have to work with. See the contractor knows that his men will need room to leave their supplies. If there is no room on the property, then the workers must find someplace else. This means that the workers will be wasting time walking back and forth between site and truck getting the supplies they need. This is valuable time that the workers could be using to finish their task at hand. The contractors understand this because they know that time is money so they factor this into their overall estimate.

Once the contractor has finished working on his estimate he gives it to the owner. The owner then looks over it and sees if the price is fair for him to be paying for the amount of work he wants done. If the owner agrees with the price then he normally hires to the contractor to do the job. If not he finds another contractor to give him an exterior paint estimates.

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