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Home painting estimates

At some point in everyone’s life, whether you live in an apartment, complex, house, or studio, will decide it’s time for a change of color. Now home painting can be a very simple thing if you do it yourself, or so it seems. Painting your own home can be very complex, especially if you have no help with it. What may take a few painters two days may take you all week? If you decide against painting yourself you will probably seek out professional help. Many times a person will hire someone to come in and give them an estimate for the amount of work they want done. This person is called a contractor. Now when a contractor arrives at a potential work site there are some very important things he makes note of before giving his estimate.

One thing that a contractor looks at is the number of room s that the owner wants painted and how large they are. Now if the owner wants every room in the house painted then naturally it will be impossible to finish it all in one day with only a few men. The contractor also sees how large all these rooms are. If the room is bigger than 10 feet by 10 feet then the contractor will consider these rooms to be normal. Anything larger than 15 feet by 12 feet is considered large. Now the amount of large, normal and small (10 feet by 10 feet), all vary. The small rooms will naturally cost less than the normal size rooms that will cost less than the larger size rooms.

Something else that a contractor keeps in mind when giving an estimate is how much furniture is in each of the rooms. Since the painters will need to cover the floors with tarps and move all the furniture to the center of the room to avoid getting paint on them (sometimes painters will place tarps over the furniture as well as a precaution. You can sometimes never be to safe.). Now this can all be avoid if a.) The house is just bought with nothing in it yet or b.) the owner has already made arrangements to have the furniture moved and stored elsewhere before the painters come. Now the contractor knows that if his men have to move everything themselves this will cost both time and money.

Another thing that a contractor will look at is extra room for his men’s equipment. The contractor knows that his men have to have their equipment in a place that is easily accessible to them. If not the men must place their equipment somewhere else that may be father away from the site. The contractor knows that this is a waste of time since this is precious time that could be used spent painting.

Once the contractor gives the owner his estimate the owner can decide whether to hire him or have another contractor come and get another estimate. Either way the owner will soon be able to enjoy a nice new setting in his house, depending on what colors their spouse choose.
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