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Painting Bids

Painting bids are a normal occurrence in our high paced, hi-tech world. Never heard of a painting bid before? Don’t fret. Many painting bids occur between painting companies for the opportunity to do painting jobs for another company. Many times these bids will include special offers for the company if they pick that painting company. These special offers include things like free touch ups on the paint job, or special discounts next time they use them. So why such the big fuss over getting a painting job? Well there are a few reasons why.

First off the money is normally either good or above average good. This can really help a painting company out. With the money that they could make they could do so much more. For example they can hire more workers. This allows them to take on more jobs. With the money they can also open up a new firm which would again allow them to take on more tasks. The more tasks the more money. And so the cycle continues allowing the company to grow.

Another reason why companies throw so much into these bids is it’s a great way of getting known. See if the painting company does an exceptional job the company that it worked will tell other companies about them. The more that they tell other companies about them, the more they grow on the minds of the company. That way when it is time to paint over they will already know the name of a company and will give them more attention than other rival painter companies.

Another reason why painting companies work so hard on their bids is because this gives the companies a chance to make an entrance, this goes especially well for newer companies. When a company is doing a painting job they have their name on their equipment. When this equipment is outside people see it. When they see they begin to pay attention to it. This allows the outside public to pay attention to their company. This means that they are getting advertisements in almost every day that they spend at the work site.

The painting bids can often turn into wars between painting companies. These “wars” can often lead into grudge matches. This can be very frustrating if a certain painting company is depending on the job in order to make ends meet.

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So know that you know what a painting bid is you don’t need to worry about them, unless of course you wish to become one of these painting bidders. In that case get ready for some intense combat, some dirty tricks, and a lot of but kissing. Now don’t worry about all that since they have schools for that now a days. If you are looking at owning, or own your own painting company don’t worry about this yet. Get your foot through the doorway first. Then start working your way up to the big leagues, and these bidding wars. Make sure to enjoy it!


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