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Painting Estimates

Some people walk into things blindly. Others like to take look before they leap. That’s where a painting estimate comes into play. Are you looking to re paint parts of your house and want to know just how much it is going to cost? Well aren’t you in luck. By calling a contractor to come over and take a look at the prospective work site and areas. The contractor takes a look at a few key things when he looks around.

The first thing that the contractor looks for is how much work is wanted to be done. If you want say every room in your house to be painted over, and then yes you will have to pay more for it. Now this is because the more rooms you want done the more time it will take to be finished, and it will also take more men.

Another thing that the contractor looks for how is big the rooms that are on the list to be painted. The bigger the rooms are the more spread out the equipment will be. For example the most common example of these is the tarps that painters use. If the painters only have a set number of tarps then this limits the amount of rooms they can cover a day. This is because the tarps cover the floors and furniture and they act as a line of defense against the paint. You can’t paint a room without the tarps. That is just plain carelessness,

Another thing that a contractor looks for is how many stories the walls are. Now this only applies if you are also looking to get the exterior of your wall done. The contractor knows that the larger the walls are the harder they will be to paint and the more risky they will be. Now by risky I mean that there is a greater chance of one of the workers falling and getting hurt. This does not bold well for you or the contractor and of course the worker. See the contractor is down a man who means he might lose a day’s worth of work and fall behind. If the Contractor falls behind it means you are stuck dealing with everything just a little longer. Now of course no one wants to deal with that, especially not the injured worker.

Something else that a contractor looks for is how much room his workers have to leave their equipment. If the workers can have their equipment in a quick and accessible place then they can focus more on their work. If not they might spend more time going back and forth and will lose time thus slowing down production.
So now that you know some of the things that contractors look for when giving an estimate isn’t it about time to give one a call? That is of course you just like walking blindly into things in which case the contractor will probably take advantage of you and charge you must more than accepted.

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