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Calculating Painting Estimate

The painting estimates deals a lot with how much you are looking to paint. Naturally the more you want painted the more it will cost. So what makes up this estimate? Well again that depends on what you want done. If you are looking at painting only a small number of rooms then the estimate will not so high. However if you’re looking at painting a lot of rooms and then some more, you can accept the price to be higher. So what are some more of these factors that make up the estimate?

One of these factors happens to be how much room is availed to the painters. If the painters are able to leave their equipment on the site then this allows them easy access to their equipment. This allows them to quickly get their equipment and get right back to painting. If they are not able to leave their equipment on site then they run into problems. Now they have to waste time walking to their equipment. This is time that could be spent painting instead. The painters in turn might wind up delaying the project by a few days due to this overall problem.

Another factor in the estimate is the number and size of the rooms you want done. The larger the room the more men and time it will take to complete. The more of these larger rooms there are the same idea applies, more men and more time. Now this also includes the work that has to be put into the room before painting can actually begin. This means that before the workers start painting they need to move every piece of furniture to the center of the room as too avoids getting paint all over it.

Another thing that affects the estimate of the proposed project is the actual number of walls that need to be painted, and I mean exterior walls. The contractor needs to see how many men it would take to paint the number of walls that make up the house. The more walls than naturally the more men and time it will take to finish. Something else that the contractor takes a look at is how tall these walls are. The taller they are the more likely they will require a ladder. If the contractor only owns two ladders than the most he can do is about two walls a day then. Something else that the contractor looks at is what are the risks that one of his men could fall while painting the walls. This is not good for you, the contractor or most importantly the worker. You lose a day that could have been yours. The contractor looses a man and gains more bills. The worker looses a few days of work, which he may like after all depending on the pain he has.

As you can see there is little you can do to affect how much the estimate will say it should cost. The best thing to do is just be prepared for it.

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