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Painting advice for new homeowners on a budget.

For all the new homeowners out there, who wouldn't mind a new exterior paint job, but who are on a fixed budget, the solution is closer than you think.  While many paint jobs can be done by the owner, which is ultimately the cheapest way to engage in such a project, hiring a professional painter, or hiring help, shouldn't cause stress to homeowners or their budgets. There are more ways than imaginable to hire help, or to hire a whole paint crew for that matter.  In every decision, it is advised to enter into it rationally, new homeowners should not rush into any contract with anyone simply so there house is the most beautiful on the block.  Times are tough enough without worrying about which house is the best. 

It has been found that a proper amount of research can lead to a stress free home improvement project.  Spend time searching painting contractors, either via the Internet or through close friends and relatives.  Often, someone knows someone who could be just the right contractor for the job.  Either way, spend time familiarizing yourself with your options.

Another piece of advice for the new homeowner would be to have an idea or a vision as to what colors would be appropriate.  It would be frustrating if midway through the project, the color doesn't satisfy the homeowner, and the project had to be halted and restarted.  This could upset your contractor as well, who could potentially, in their frustration, charge fees for having to redo a job.  A way to avoid this is to explore your neighborhood, and other neighborhoods, to see with your own eyes what works and what doesn't.

Getting an estimate should be done in a way that doesn't make any homeowner feel pressured.  Exterior house painting does not need to be a troubling matter.  That is why we believe the best advice is to verify with each contractor that you contact to do a paint job for your home.   First which contractor will give you a free estimate, and second, have several estimates performed so as to compare prices and materials.  A worthy painting contractor will seek to work with the homeowner, and seek to earn their business by negotiating and even accommodating them if at all possible.

When all is said and done, the way your home looks on the outside, while important to all new homeowners, should not break the bank in any way.  If possible, try painting the front of the exterior, and then wait until you have the means to complete the rest of the house.  Depending on the size of course of your home and whether or not that would look or feel awkward.  It is merely some advice to consider before starting any exterior paint project.

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