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The case of the bored homeowner

A bored homeowner inquired of his neighbor, “How can I make my home a more fulfilling place to be for my family and I?”  The bored homeowner had lived in his home for a long time, had never done any renovations or major improvements to speak of.  The neighbor replied boldly, “You need to hire a contractor to repaint your exterior.” 

The bored homeowner thought long and hard, that night he tossed and turned.  That morning before heading to work, the neighbor left a list of things to remember, in case, the bored homeowner decided that to paint the exterior of his house was just the solution to his household boredom.  On the list was some very simple, yet very practical advice. 

On the list was the following advice about hiring someone to help paint the exterior of the homeowner’s residence:

-Do research before hiring anyone, check the Internet, or with family and friends to see if they know anyone off hand.

-Once you decide on a paint contractor, always ask for references, they should have some handy, read them thoroughly.

-Don’t be fooled by painting contractors who make empty promises.  If they haven’t even seen your home, they shouldn’t guarantee anything.

-Communicate actively with whatever painting contractor you decide to hire, that way there are no misunderstandings.

The letter went on to say to the homeowner that house painting doesn’t need to be a nightmare; the neighbor cautioned that some contractors would look to scam and cheat the unknowing homeowner, by trying to sell them paint supplies that were more costly, or services that are unnecessary.  The neighbor admonished that the homeowner look to his or her own hometown to see which local house painters would be able to help paint the exterior of his home.

He then provided a list of painting contractors that would be willing to provide free estimates.  The homeowner got in his car and smiled all the way to work.

A month later, that same bored homeowner, no longer had any feelings of boredom with his home, and invited his helpful neighbor to dinner.


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